Nadia Murdock Fit

Nadia Murdock Fit

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Nadia Murdock Fit on THIS IS IT NETWORK! I’m Nadia Murdock, author, instructor and movement and mindset expert. I am going to help you do it. Like you maybe know, I was once overweight, out of shape and had given up on myself. I looked in the mirror one day and wondered how I had got to that point.

I wasn’t only unhealthy, I was unhappy. My path to a personal and professional life rooted in health and wellness has not only taught me the skills I need to help you makeover and change your body on the outside, but also how to train your mind from the inside.

I understand that to ensure you’re able to succeed in terms of your health and wellness goals we need to work as much on your mind and your current personal hurdles to health as we need to work on your physical fitness. That’s why I created a program that addresses both of those needs head on.

I’m guessing you’ve waited years to address the things you wanted to change about yourself, now I’m asking you to give me a chance to help you start making those changes happen!
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Nadia Murdock Fit
  • Lets Talk About Stress

    Episode 1

    Are you under stress? Maybe you are under stress and do not even know it. In this episode, movement and mindset expert, Nadia Murdock is going break down what being under stress means and how it effects your health and well being along with helping you through it all.

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  • Lets Talk About Your Goals

    Episode 2

    Do you struggle with setting your goals and folllowing through with them? In this episode, movement and mindset expert, Nadia Murdock will teach you the three principals of following through with a goal to help you achieve all that you want in the 2021 new year.

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